Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 6, 2014 A Beautiful Night Rocking On Chicago's Lakefront With Old Friends (Concert #25)

Sure I could goof on myself for going to see old washed up bands playing without their lead singers. I can't pretend to act like buying a concert ticket from Groupon is in any way cool or hip. But this night was about hanging out with old friends....Styx, Foreigner, Don Felder of the Eagles and most importantly Debbie Sevilis. I met Deb, George & Rachel for dinner at the fantastic Mercat a la Planxa. Then Debbie, Rachel & I started walking to Northerly Island, then took a pedicab, then had to walk to the entrance of The Pavillion. It was a beautiful night on the lakefront and the twentyfour ounce Coronas were going down easy as we all sang along to our favorite songs from a long ago childhood. I'll admit I enjoyed the music more than I thought I would and spending time with the friend that I grew up listening to all those songs with is always a great time. Thanks Debbie for dinner and the show. 
The first act was Don Felder and he played a bunch of the Eagle's hits and this song from the cartoon movie "Heavy Metal". I know I saw it at a midnight show but I can't remember who best guess who be Mike Crafton, Lance Johnson, Rob Hollingsworth and maybe Kenny Burbridge.

The next band was Foreigner...and yes I missed Lou Gramm on vocals. Once again, the band sounded good and I sang along to all the songs but during this song I realized how straight forward the lyrics sound to the old me...when I was a kid I guess subtle wasn't a word I was familiar with at that time. I felt the same way listening to "Head Games" and "Feels Like the First Time". Okay lyrics obviously were not the band's strong point.
 Styx was the headliner and why not...Chicago is their hometown. They played without Dennis DeYoung but since Styx had multiple lead singers, I didn't miss him as much Lou Gramm. The night was all about hearing your favorite songs from growing up and Styx did not disappoint me. They played more of their earlier hits...the ones before Dennis DeYoung took over control of the band but let's face it...those songs were better anyway. Domo Arigato they did not play Mr. Roboto. It was on that tour that I last saw Styx play in 1983. Unlike Foreigner, the lyrics to some Styx songs still hold up today.

Of course I have to end with this classic

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