Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 11, 2014 French Quarter Fest Day 2 (Concert #15) & Chubby Carrier & Bayou Swamp Band at d.b.a.(Concert #16)

It's another beautiful day in the funky neighborhood. We are starting on Bourbon Street for the FQF Second Line Kick-Off Parade. While waiting I took a few shots of the surrounding scenery.

Finally the parade reaches us. It was bigger than I thought it would be and we both caught beads at first New Orleans parade. I had to lift up my shirt, Chrissy didn't because she got some for making me put my shirt back on.

This couple has been married for 50 years and still partying on Bourbon Street.

Everybody dances in the streets in this city. After the parade we had breakfast in Jackson Square, a crawfish and goat cheese crepe with shrimp & eggplant stuffing and a praline bacon & Nutella crepe. Then it was off to Woldenberg Park along the river...

...for some music from Marc Stone...

...and some alcohol, a 20 oz Daiquiri refill.

This was an interesting band, Sweet Crude. They play eclectic music that embraces the region's French speaking tradition.

I really loved Paul Sanchez & Minimum Rage. Paul has some great story songs and the perfect voice to sing them. That is Paul on guitar in the photo below.

His band was very talented also. This city has so many talented musicians. 

His song called "A Stew Called New Orleans" really captures what makes this city so wonderful.

Music+Food+Alcohol+Sunshine+Mississippi River=A Perfect Day 
The Honey Island Swamp Band

Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers

The never ending dance party at the Cajun/Zydeco stage...

...with Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band.

Street performers were everywhere, did not get the name of this brass band.

This band is known as "Yes Ma'am". They were really good...

...so I bought their CD which came wrapped in a brown paper bag.

These kids were the biggest band of street performers we saw in the French Quarter this year. They sounded good, not as performance savvy as most but they are young and they were entertaining.

Leroy Jones' Original Hurricane Brass Band

Camile Baudoin and the Living Rumors

Wild Turkey Washboard Band from Switzerland on the International Stage

Kid Merv & All That Jazz

Some days the sun just shines on your ass. We had a good spot at the Abita Beer Stage during Kermit Ruffins but I decided to check out other bands. By the time we got back to that stage to see Dr. John, it was packed. We were so far away the sound was awful. I headed to the Big River Stage and stumbled across this Russian band...Debauche.

They spoke English but all their songs were sung in Russian...
...and they were great. Our favorite band of the day, tons of energy, lots of fun to watch and dance along. I was pissed about missing Dr. John but so very happy I saw this band.

We had to walk back to the house to meet my brother Jeff but we passed as many stages as possible along the way. Here's Fred Dupin's New Bumpers Jazz Band from France.

We had a fantastic dinner at Mariza in Bywater. We had dinner at the bar and were entertained by the friendly bartender and the prep chef who also shucked the oysters. Damn good food at this place. Then we walked to Frenchmen Street to see my friend Andy Levin at the Frenchmen Street Art Market. Then we headed across the street to see Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band at d.b.a..

Of course they had the bar bouncing until late in the night. I think it is physically impossible to not dance when zydeco music is being played live right in front of you. I am a stiff old white boy but can't help shuffling my feet or swaying my hips when everyone around me is dancing...more alcohol and I might attempt to really dance...but Chrissy won't let me...she'll be too embarrassed. Another fun day comes to an end. Good night.

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