Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 9, 2014 Hiking the Tundra of Gary, Indiana

We were welcomed by Father Pere Jacques Marquette to the park named after him in Gary, IN. Marquette Park has seen a lot of restoration work the past couple of years and we love taking the dogs here in the winter. No dogs allowed on the beach between Memorial and Labor Day. 
Like most parks in Chicagoland during this brutal winter, very few parking lots have been plowed. So we had to park at the Pavillion and walk to the Aquatorium and then to the beach.

Oslo & I went upstairs at the Aquatorium to check out the views.

While Chrissy & Roxie walked through the snow over the dunes to the beach.

The shelf ice is about 15-20' high on the lake.

Two old girls trudging through the snow and over the dunes...

...this is the happy one.

Even though the temperature is about 10 degrees, there was slushy water near the shoreline that prevented us for venturing further out.

I took this picture looking out toward the lake because Chrissy said it would look like we were in the arctic. She was right.

We interrupt this blog with a message from Frank Zappa to enjoy while checking out the photos.

There was a cave in the shelf ice way out on the lake.

We headed back to the Pavillion through the dunes.

Oslo enjoying the greatest winter of his life. I'm sure he hopes this never ends. We have to drag him back into the house because he wants to be outside all the time.

Roxie having fun in the deep snow.

We took the bridges over the frozen lagoon. There were plenty of animal tracks across the lagoon. But I didn't feel like testing the ice today.

Roxie wondering "what's taking so long old man?"

Roxie waiting for me to catch up on the second bridge.

Oslo removing snow from his paws...

....while Roxie is glad to be back at the car after her deep snow hike.

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