Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2, 2014 Snow Hike At Indiana Dunes State Park

We stopped at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Visitor Center on our way to the dunes this morning. The ranger at the center showed us this amazing video of the shelf ice on Lake Michigan.

Then we headed out to the Indiana Dunes State Park to see it for ourselves.
 We hiked to and from the beach on Trail 7 today. We were the only people without snowshoes that we saw today. And yes, we sank in the high snow up to our thighs.

 The old girl, Roxie, is usually so slow we take her off leash... she was so exited to go hiking she led the way.

A couple snowshoeing ahead of us.

We are on the beach now but the snow covered the ice shelf and it was impossible to tell where the beach ended and the lake began.

Oslo had to remove snow from his paws several times on our hike.

The shelf ice is pretty high above the water.

Roxie headed back through deep snow...

...Chrissy and I both fell in up to our thighs.

I got better pictures from on top of the dunes. You can see how far out the ice is on the lake.

This has been the coldest and highest snowfall winter in a very long time around here.

Oslo getting pissed off about the snow in his paws. He actually let me remove the snow from his paws today. He never lets anyone touch his paws.

We stopped at the beach parking lot to take a few pictures. Here you can see how much higher the ice is over the beach. 

Of course there are warnings all over about the dangerous shelf ice. It felt good to go hiking today. Afterwards we had lunch at Bartlett's on Route 12. It all added up to a fun day.

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