Friday, March 29, 2013

March 28, 2013 St. Patrick's Day with a California Girl on the Partially Frozen Tundra of the Indiana Dunes

March 17th St. Paddy's Day - I am sitting in the back seat with my dogs because Chrissy and my cousin Michelle are sitting in the front seats. This gave me a chance to take pictures of my goofy dog Oslo while he stuck his head out the window.

 Michelle refused to stick her head out the window because it is an unseasonably cold day, even for Chicago.
 We ended up at the Indiana Dunes State Park and hiked Trail 7 from the Nature Center to the beach.
 The forested areas aren't very colorful this time of year so I did a few shots as black & white.

 Michelle, who lives in California but currently goes to school in Oklahoma, was very happy to be on a beach.
Roxie dragging Michelle down the dunes.

Oslo having a nice cold drink.

 We walked along the beach enjoying the views, the ice and the sunshine.

 Oslo checking on everyone and waiting for them to catch up.

 Chrissy & Roxie walking along the beach.


 As we headed back to the trail...
 ...Michelle slowed down, taking her time along the shore...
...Chrissy & Roxie were way ahead of us. So Oslo & I sat down on the beach. I took pictures as Michelle walked along the shore. She had told me how much she missed the beach. I fully understood. I told her how I can spend hours during the winter on the beach. The solitude is very relaxing. Today the waves crashing over the shelf ice were entertaining. So I sat and enjoyed my time on the beach and I think she did the same thing as she meandered down the shoreline seemingly deep in thoughts of her own.

 Obviously, there are not any deep thoughts in this goofball's giant head.


 After our hike, we had pulled pork sandwiches at Smokey's Southern BBQ ...
...then me and the dogs grabbed a little nap on the way back home.

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