Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 6, 2011 Lollapalooza - I Feel So Wonderful

"Doesn't matter to me I could take it or leave it
I could learn from way back when and still live right now
With the sun on my shoulder and the wind in my back
I will never grow older at least not in my mind
I feel so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful the way I feel" - Wonderful by My Morning Jacket

 Wonderful might be overstating how I feel. But I got to Lolla by noon today. I have some time to kill before Fitz & the Tantrums play the south main stage at 2:30pm. This picture is a bit of a tribute to the sound men at Lolla, with a few exceptions the sound has been incredible.
This is Julia Easterlin. Not really my cup of tea but I stuck around for a couple of songs. Mostly trying to figure out why her palms were painted to match her dress and if she changes the color to match her outfit everyday. A few of the bands used a synthesizer or some type of computer to loop vocals or sounds. I guess I'm just not into songs like that...
...I prefer musical sounds to come from these instruments.
Actually playing musical instruments is the way J. Roddy Walston & the Business rocked the Playstation stage with an early set that had the crowd fired up...just some good old fashioned rock and roll. Now that's how to start my Lollapalooza day.

I stopped to watch Disappears but wasn't that impressed. It's not that they were bad, it just didn't move me so I moved on.
This band did resonate with me. First of all, there are 12 members on the smallest stage at Lolla, secondly there is a horn section, 2 drummers, a percussionist and a string section. Thirdly, I was standing next to the mother of one of the violinists. Fourthly, at first I didn't like the singer but after a few songs I thought he sounded OK for this band. Oh, they are called Typhoon and they definitely have a unique sound, sort of like Polyphonic Spree.
The south end of Grant Park has a strange sewer like odor. Today I figured it out. There is a ton of goose shit mixed into the baseball field dirt areas of the park. Therefore, I was happy to see this person either trying to fly or chasing the geese around the park. Drugs can be a wonderful thing if used correctly.
It turns out the geese got honked off and told him to "Fuck Off, Eh?" ...get it...they are Canadian.

Another 'sunny' day in Chicago.
Fitz & the Tantrums playing their fun brand of updated 1960's R&B. This band is a blast in concert. If you want to hear some good music played the way it should be, check this band out.

It's all about having a good time...welcome to Lollapalooza.

I need someone to tell me if that is a pro or anti meat pin.

This goofy looking motherfucker is Mayer Hawthorne and he can sing R&B like no other young white boy...
...and this is his very talented band, The County. This is why I love Lollapalooza...seeing a band like this just makes my day. Great stuff.
I walked away to get a good spot for Big Audio Dynamite and ...
...the crowd was dancing to Mayer Hawthorne & the County.
Lolla gives props to Chicago.

I am a huge fan of the Clash but never saw them live.
I did see Joe Strummer years ago...
...and now I've seen Mick Jones. Whatever musical differences those two guys had with each other, I love them both. Big Audio Dynamite looks pretty old up on that stage, but they rocked the park with their perfect blend of punk, rock, hip hop and sound effects. Very glad I got to see them.
 I ran back and forth across the park checking out Local Natives, The Pretty Reckless (who sounded great), Ellie Goulding, Ween and Cee-Lo (who didn't sound that good, I was disappointed. I know he's a different cat, but still I can't say I enjoyed his set and I've been a fan for quite a long time.) The headliners tonight are Eminem and My Morning Jacket. As a music fan, I enjoy Eminem. He is great at what he does but hip hop isn't my first choice in music. I do enjoy it though. My Morning Jacket is one of my favorite bands. In the weeks building up to Lolla, I decided to watch Eminem. My reasoning was I would pay to see MMJ play anytime, so I should watch Eminem while I had the chance. At the last minute I decided to watch MMJ and maybe check out Eminem on my way out.
So, here I am waiting for My Morning Jacket and let me just say this...their fans love marijuana as seen by the cloud of pot smoke in the picture above.
MMJ was incredible. Lead singer Jim James commanded the stage and the band played exactly what was required, fast or slow, loud or didn't matter they were perfect. I got chills down my spine several times during their powerhouse set.

Blown away is the best description for how I felt after witnessing this performance. Even at my age, I can still be overwhelmed by a concert. I'm damn glad about that. Somehow after ten hours of live music, I find myself walking out of Grant Park with a hell of a lot more energy than when I walked in. Thanks, My Morning Jacket. Sorry Marshall, maybe next time.


  1. I wish they had more flags at these festivals....I love that about the festivals in Europe...hundreds of different flags ranging from countries, cities, soccer teams, and any kind of cause. I don't know, I just love the way they look in a sea of people.

  2. there were quite a few flags, i saw Irish, Polish, City of Chicago, Puerto Rican even though the band playing was from South America