Friday, June 10, 2011

June 4, 2011 Thirty Minutes Of Fury

4:20pm Lansing, IL

A hot muggy 95 degree day turned quickly. About 4pm it got so dark that I needed to turn on lights to walk through the house. A violent thunderstorm ripped through our area in less than a half hour. The streets were flooded as I drove to Bridgeport to meet up with a group of friends. By the time we got to Comiskey Park, it was a beautiful summer night. Too bad the White Sox lost in the ninth inning. It was about that time I found out a very close friend of mine had her house destroyed by a tree that fell during the storm. Now I've heard all the same stories as you have about the incredible amount of damage done by Mother Nature recently, but this really brought that reality close to home.

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  1. That day will never, ever be forgotten sad to say.