Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 16, 2011 Genes & Genetics

The Ferris Wheel @ Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

My apologies to Rose ( I took this when she wasn't looking) because she is definitely more camera shy than her sister Michelle. But that brings me to the point I wanted to make today. It is something I have noticed almost every time I spend time with family members that I do not see often. Family traits that must be genetic because these family members do not spend extended periods of time together. One example is Rose not being fond of having her picture taken. She is just like my cousin, her Aunt, Mary. Now Mary takes it further than Rose, she usually will stick a finger up her nose when you point a camera at her. Before I found this picture I had already mentioned to her mom, Katt that Rose has a classic Italian face. This amazes me because the Italian comes from her Great Grandmother, four generations ago. That's a lot of dilution of the Italian gene. But here is Rose with that beautiful Italian face. Genetics continue to amaze me.

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