Saturday, December 18, 2010

November 19 Hockey Night in Homewood

I can finally get around on one crutch so thanks to Reg picking me up I can watch my hockey team play tonight. It should be no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that my team plays much better without me. This season there are only 4 teams in the "B" division. The league is well balanced and every game is a battle to be the victorious team. So here is my hockey night in Homewood in pictures.
It starts with a pregame stretch. Here's the goalie Mike Deegan getting ready.
Once the goalie is ready, the team takes turns pelting him with shots to prepare him for the game. Also referred to as the shoot around or warming up the goalie.
After the five minute warm up, the game begins.
We played SNS tonight, they scored an early goal on us and here is Ian centering for 2/3rd's of the living legend line, Walt Jadek. & Reg Dunlop.
Here's Walt, #73 doing what he does best, mixing it up in front of their net.
Here's newcomer Matt Landahl scoring on a breakaway.

OOOPS. Hey Ref! Not sure how that happened but I know it shouldn't be a penalty.
Here's the youngest player on the team, Tony Barracca rushing the puck into the offensive zone.
After the face off, it's a battle for the puck.
Four guys within 5 feet of the net, somebody isn't covering the point, don't want to name names but it is #19.
The goalie has to be ready for a shot at all times.
Crafty veteran Reg Dunlop schools another young opponent on a face off.
Even though it was a rough night for the guys in white, Northstar lost 8-3 if I remember correctly, the post game congrats and/or apologies for not playing better in front of him are given to the goalie.
Then the best tradition in all of sports, win or lose, a casual or bitterly fought game, there is always the post game  handshake.

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