Saturday, June 5, 2010

May 29 It's Time for Criminal Charges


If you've read this blog in the past, you already know I despise big corporations and the power they have over our lives. I also hate every politician that allows them to have this unwarranted power. I am not an eloquent writer so I'll put this the best way I know...fuck each & every one of the soulless, motherless cocksucking CEO's that are responsible for this oil spill in the Gulf. All the oil companies have had record profits for the past few years. There is no excuse for cutting costs on safety ever. But since they decided to do it while making record profits, I want to see criminal charges brought. Let's start with 11 murder charges and then add criminal negligence for the environmental damage. I also want real prison time. The kind of prisons where they will get a daily ass-fucking that they have given to us for years. Hopefully the following will make you as mad as me.

 This is the result of corporate greed, incompetent government officials and the American people letting the corporations control their government. I want the CEO's of every big oil company swimming in this shit every day. They make billions of dollars every year at our expense. There is strong evidence that BP officials purposely bypassed safety features to expedite the drilling on the Deep Water Horizon Oil rig. Their arrogance and greed cost 11 men their lives. These men, just hard working people like most of us, do not make $50-$75 million dollars a year like these criminally liable CEO's. It is time for the average American to take back control of our government. The "by the people, for the people" has been completely eliminated from our current way of governing. So begin by calling your Congressmen and Senators and demanding that they bring real criminal charges against all responsible. If they do not and continue to allow big corporations to control their votes, then we must remove them with our votes.

A side note about my latest hero, AP Photographer Charlie Riedel. That is Charlie's photograph of a pelican struggling on a beach on Louisiana's East Grand Terre Island. The reason that I think Charlie is a hero is because he got these pictures out there for all to see. The major news outlets, newspapers, TV news etc.have long been afraid to piss off the government or potential advertisers, BP for example. So no one with a functioning brain reads or watches them. Maybe we would respect these news outlets if they actually showed us the news that matters. All we hear about is how hard BP is working to stop the flow of oil, how BP is paying for all the damage. Big fucking deal, they are responsible for all the damage. Start reporting on how and why his happened. Start showing the real effects of the spill everyday until everyone is so mad that real changes can occur that will prevent this from ever happening again. So Charlie Riedel thank you for the heart breaking but very important pictures.

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