Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 2 Catching Up

I have fallen behind updating this blog so today will be a compilation of pictures from the past month that I haven't written about yet. 

May 5th Member Preview of The Great Bear Wilderness at Brookfield Zoo
Brookfield Zoo's latest addition allows visitors to see the bears up close
so close you are face to face with a Alaskan Brown Bear
or a polar bear
here's a rare shot of Chrissy smiling. she is very excited about the new exhibit and she should be because it is a great way to see the bears
now you won't get to see the bears from this angle, but I got to go up on the roof because I give a zookeeper that doesn't smile often half of all my paychecks

May 16th Mountain Biking at Brownell Woods

I finally got a chance to go biking today and chose Brownell Woods because the trails are easier than Sweet Woods. I really need to get back into shape because I love biking through the woods. I took this picture at the Skywalker ramp built along a fallen tree. In case you are wondering, the answer is no. I haven't attempted riding along this fallen tree. There is a deep ravine if you fall off to the left. I hope to someday but not today. Yes I am a pussy. But at least I'm out here riding, you are sitting at a computer.

May 22 The Fog & The Dogs
We took the dogs for an early morning walk at Marquette Park in Gary. As you can see, there was a heavy fog. This added a little something extra to the hike.
Chrissy took the youngsters, Oslo & Roxy. I walked along with the old girl, Fluff, so I could take pictures.
Fluff is the only dog I trust off leash for two reasons. One, she will listen to me. Two, I can out run her.
While Chrissy took Oslo & Roxy down the beach....
Fluffy & I relaxed enjoying the cool damp morning in solitude on the beach.

May 22 Mountain Biking at Waterfall Glen
I have heard about Waterfall Glen for a long time and finally decided to drive out to Darien to check it out. It was worth the drive. There are no legal single track trails but the crushed rock main path has plenty of ups & downs to keep my fat ass huffing & puffing over the 10 mile loop. The scenery adds immensely to the ride.
It has rained a lot lately which is why I decided to ride here on the rock trail instead of the extremely muddy single track trails back home. The rains flooded a section of the trail here. 
So I took a detour along the train tracks and decided to take a rest and have a drink of water.
I had a map but still managed to get lost on an access road that dead ended, no pun intended, at an old graveyard. I stopped by to pay my respects and noticed it was filled with mostly Irish surnames. I may be strange, but I enjoy cemeteries. It was a very muggy day, so I relaxed with my fellow Irishmen for a few minutes.
I took a bunch of pictures here at St. Patrick's Cemetery. With that name, no wonder it was filled with dead Irish.

May 29th Biking with Mikey
I was slacking off at the house thinking I should go biking but feeling unmotivated. Then Mike called and said let's go riding. We rode the Rails to Trails path from Highland to Crown Point and back through to Downtown Highland. It was probably just enough riding to burn off the calories from the hot dog & root beer float I had at a rest stop along the trail.

May 31st Fresh Strawberries
AAAAHHHH! Fresh home grown strawberries from our little garden behind the garage. The squirrels and rabbits have already enjoyed these tasty treats and today I finally got to try them. They were damn tasty.

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