Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 18 Highbridge Park

I read about a group of mountain bikers that convinced New York City to allow them to create mountain bike single track trails in Highbridge Park on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The long neglected park was a haven for junkies and prostitutes. Even after two years of trail building and bike riding, the park still has junkies shooting up in the woods along the trails. The story centers on Jamie Bogner and Mike Vitti who are the ones most responsible for the creation of mountain bike trails in Manhattan. You can read the story here. I mention it today because I want everyone to understand that I believe you can accomplish anything if you go about it correctly. This country is dysfunctional in many ways but these guys decided they wanted some single track mountain bike trails in Manhattan and they got them. Nice work guys.

Highbridge Hustle & Flow Team Relay Race 2008 from Jason Morgan on Vimeo.

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