Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 16, 2017 Chrissy Goes Whale Watching

Chrissy flew out to California this morning. I am still on call so I can't leave until tomorrow. She signed up for a whale watching tour out of Newport Beach.

She signed up for this boat, but she was the only one who did. So...

...she ended up on this boat. They did upgrade her to the VIP section where she was the only VIP on the boat. Here's the pictures she took on her "three hour tour".

I can't imagine doing this with my dogs.

Chrissy said everyone got excited about seeing a whale but it was a sea lion or maybe a seal.

This incredible newfie was swimming along with his owner who was in a kayak.

Two gray whales. I think they only saw gray whales today.

These whales are migrating north to Alaska for the summer months.


Everyone wants an ocean view. I don't blame them. I love the ocean.

Finally I see a boat I could afford.

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