Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 26, 2016 Happy 10th Birthday Oslo

Today is this goofy dog's 10th Birthday. We celebrated with a long hike at Brownell Woods.

For some reason Oslo kept taking us off trail today. So we spent a good part of this hike bushwhacking through thorn bushes.

Nola was enjoying the cooler temperatures...

...and so was the birthday boy.

Nola checking out the lower pasture for any kind of imminent dangers... usual Oslo could care less, he just wanted to keep hiking.

"Wait, let me check out that strange sound!"

"Can we leave her in the car next time?"

Nola with her big Snoopy smile as we walked through the woods.

Nola is always willing to stop for pictures.

There's nothing better than the sun at your back for pictures.

Nola putting the finishing touches on the much needed bath I just gave her.

My little hiking buddy after his bath and two treats, a pig ear and a Nathan's hot dog. Nola got the same treats just so you know I didn't leave her out of Oslo's birthday celebration. The birthday boy sat upstairs with the sunlight drying him. I didn't realize the "Rescued is my favorite type" sign was in this picture until I saw it on the computer. That is just perfect. I have loved all my dogs, but there is something special about this one. He has personality, a big old goofy one and his love of life is contagious. Happy Birthday Oslo...dogs like you are why people say "Who  Rescued Who?"

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