Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016 Our Big Adventure To Find Some Snow For Oslo

We drove into Michigan for our Sunday Big search of some snow for Oslo because he looked so sad yesterday as the last of our snow melted away.

Nola is only searching for squirrels.

After walking along the Lake Michigan shoreline, we headed up the dunes.

The dogs wanted to run down the backside of this dune. It was pretty much straight down. There was no way I would make it back up that dune.

Oslo resting as we climbed up the tallest dune on the beach.

Nola earned a new nickname today...Purple Pain...because she was constantly running up the dunes at a pace that I could not maintain. 

The view from the backside of the dunes facing the beach.

There were trails throughout the valleys between these dunes.

Oslo stopping to eat some snow.

Nola enjoying the view from high above the beach.

This tree desperately trying to hang on to the dune.

Walking Oslo toward more snow...

...he laid down here and when I said it was time to go, he gave me this "just leave me here" look.

The girls.

Chrissy & Oslo running down the dune...

...the oldtimers of the group finally catching up...

...and finding more snow.

Another amazing collection of trees trying to keep roots on Mother Earth.

A quick trip to the lake for a drink before heading back home.

Looking north on Lake Michigan's eastern shore. We had lunch at Redamak's in New Buffalo. We can't remember the last time we ate might have been 10 years ago. Then we drove back into Indiana on Route 12. We took a nice detour along Lakeshore Drive in Long Beach to admire the incredible houses on the beach. Then we stopped at Washington Park in Michigan City to continue our Big Adventure.

 The dogs were not allowed on the beach so we walked along the pathway to the Lighthouse.

This huge sand covered chunk of ice was floating just off shore.

We walked out to the lighthouse. The lakeside of it was still covered with ice.

We decided to enjoy the sunshine and relax on the pier.

I laid down to take this shot...

...and Nola decided it was a good time to lick my face.

Oslo loved the cool concrete and the breeze off the lake...

....he enjoyed our resting spot.

There was still ice clinging to the catwalk about 12-15 feet above the water level of the lake. And we had a relatively mild winter this year. I'm going to have to come back here during a bad winter.

Still lots of snow and ice on the pier.

This looks a good event to check out next year.

Our last stop was at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore park known as Bailly Homestead and Chellberg Farm. Chrissy has volunteered here for the past month to help with a study of the Sugar Maples and this weekend and next weekend the park rangers have a big maple syrup demonstration set up to educate everyone on tapping trees and making maple syrup. The local Lions Club is making pancakes so you can sample some fresh made syrup.

It was very crowded, which I was glad to see, so we just took a short hike to Bailly Homestead...

...and relaxed in the sunshine with the dogs.

I peed in three different states today but Oslo managed to take a dump in three different states today...we are so proud of him. He was so worn out after our eight hour long big adventure that he barely moved every time I celebrated a Blackhawks goal as they beat the Red Wings for the second time this week. A perfect way to end a fun day.

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