Friday, April 17, 2015

April 4, 2015 The Phoenix Zoo

Chrissy has a bear conference in Tucson so we flew to Phoenix with our nephew Kennedy today. Since we had a 5am flight, we decided to take it easy today. We spent most of the day at the Phoenix Zoo. It was just what we needed...sunny and 87 degrees.

There were flowers blooming all over the zoo.

We saw lizards everywhere on this trip.

We saw turkey vultures just about everywhere we went in southern Arizona.

C' do you not laugh at this guy?

Bighorn sheep

Chrissy posing with one of the zoo's OK...she's a zookeeper.

Cheetahs chillin' in the shade...

...flamingos frolicking in the water.

Kennedy & Christy relaxing in the shade.

 Nature continues to amaze me.
A giant tortoise foot

A whole giant tortoise.

a komodo dragon

We enjoyed our day at the zoo. We had lunch at Queens Pizzeria and bought a few things for our trip at an artist street fair in Mesa. Then we drove to Tucson...our base camp for the next week.

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