Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 6, 2015 Walking Around Nashville With My Cousin

I have this self diagnosed medical condition that requires me to visit new places and wander aimlessly. Doing this always seems to cure all my symptoms. So after a good night's sleep, I head out to see what I can see in Nashville. While walking through a neighborhood known as The Gulch, I stumbled across a bar that I have actually heard about...The Station Inn which is a famous bluegrass music bar. I'm feeling better already.

Nashville prides itself on live music. You see these street signs in front of any place that features live music...I saw a lot of them in my four days here.

The Station Inn was closed but I walked around it taking pictures...

...loved these signs on the back door.

It was still icy in the shaded areas. Otherwise it was sunny and much warmer today.

There are many boot makers in this town.

Another shot of the Union Station Hotel...this one from the tracks that run along side it down in The Gulch.

This is definitely a hipster neighborhood. I have a love/hate relationship with these neighborhoods. I love the restaurants and music clubs but tend to hate the corporate stores that move in after rents get too high for the small businesses that made the neighborhood cool. 

That said, both of these places looked really good but I didn't get a chance to try either one. Next time, if they are still there.

I had to check out the majestic former train station that is now the Union Station Hotel

I love the high arches in the main lobby...

...and the incredible craftsmanship and detail in the wall murals.

Besides the old track signs still up in the lobby, this train schedule board is still up behind the main desk.

The doormen were busy salting and scraping the marble walkway out front.

This is the front entrance to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts on Broadway.

I know I tend to reminisce fondly for the old days, but I love the fact that I can see something while walking down the street and use my phone to find out exactly what this is. A student, Elena Zamora, at the Hume-Fogg School up the street was hit and killed by turning truck. Her schoolmates created Stop! Take Notice to use art to create awareness for pedestrian safety. 

Nashville has a lot of old buildings... most cities a lot of them are grand old churches...

...and classic old government buildings. They just don't make them like this anymore.

After checking out the Barbershop Harmony Society, I met up with my cousin, Karissa. We had lunch at Acme Feed & Seed. Then my local tour guide showed me around the city.

We walked across the Cumberland River on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge to East Nashville. The Titans football stadium is all there is to see without walking further into East Nashville so we headed back to downtown Nashville.

Downtown Nashville

This is Nashville's local candy, a Goo Goo cluster.

We stopped and bought some. Pretty good fix for my huge sweet tooth. It's kind of like a turtle with nuts, caramel and marshmallow nougat covered in chocolate. 

In case you weren't sure, this place sells boots.

Just in case you drive to the Wild Beaver Saloon, they have public parking.

This is the Hermitage Hotel. Another beautiful building inside and out.

Again I love the classic old details...
...a former outdoor balcony transformed into an event area.

The War Memorial Auditorium

After we left the War Memorial, we walked around the grounds around the Tennessee State Capitol...

...where we found this statue strangely placed on the back side of the Capitol...

....there were several other genres of music on this strange statue...but it is a tribute to music so I don't want to mock it too much. We continued walking and talking down to the Farmer's Market in Bicentennial Mall State Park. We had some tasty cupcakes and had a chance to sit indoors for a few minutes. Then we continued walking back downtown to B.B. King's Blues Bar. We had drinks there and Karissa's boyfriend, Jordan met us there. After a good Italian dinner at Demo's, we ended up at Acme Feed & Seed to see The Howlin' Brothers. I first saw them at Chicago's Blues & Bluegrass Festival last year. It was good to see them perform in their home town. They sounded great and just released a new album. Check them out...

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