Monday, June 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 My Jambalaya Of A Day In NOLA

Today was a mix of all kinds of things. I'm usually not a tour group kind of person. This is mostly due to the amount of slovenly white people that are tour group people. But my brother insisted so I decided to take a tour of New Orleans. The driver was entertaining but not nearly as funny as he thought he was. I did get to see areas of the city that I hadn't seen yet. Unfortunately it was from a moving bus so there are no pictures of the poorer neighborhoods. But we did stop for 10 minutes at the Saint Louis Cemetery No. 3. Here's what I managed to see...away from my group.

 There really is a Little Sisters Of The Poor. I always thought it was a sports joke about beating a really bad team. This cemetery deserved more of my visit it will get it.

Finally done with that bus full of pasty white people. Now I can tour NOLA my own walking through it.

Music...Sweet Music...Street Music...never sounded so good to my ears.

These pictures were taken as we headed to Frenchmen Street.

 A couple of cool looking hotels in the French Quarter.

We stopped and talked music with this street performer for quite awhile. He played singer songwriter songs very well. I really enjoyed talking about Texas musicians with him.

I've written this before...this is the most colorful city I've ever visited.

 AAAHHH....Frenchmen Street...feels like home to me.

 It was early enough to get a seat at the bar in The Spotted Cat Music Club. We listened to what I would call ragtime piano with a guitar player following along. It was perfect for an early evening beer at the bar...
...with my brother.

The Washboard Chaz Blues Trio followed the piano player. They were very good...I bought their CD.

I must have really liked the signs because most of my pictures taken while walking back to the FQ are of signs.

Musicians heading to work.

The food is amazing here.

This place has everything you could possibly want...24 hours a day.

We ended our night at the Cafe Du Monde...

...because I haven't had a beignet all week in NOLA. I figured since I started my day being a dumb tourist, I could end it doing the typical tourist thing. I didn't regret it, our waitress was a trip and the beignet was deee-licious.

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